If art is my first love, teaching is a close second! I’m thrilled to offer a mentorship program for artists at any level, designed to unleash each individual’s unique creative potential.

The Art Mentorship Program


Anatomy, Perspective, Figure Drawing and more!

Concept Art

Creature, Character or Prop Design


Complete, rendered pieces

After evaluating your current level, we will set up some realistic goals, working on improving your skills from the ground up. I won’t hide it, it will be brutal (ha)! We will work to progressively eliminate your weaknesses by tackling them one by one, week after week.

Every week, we’ll schedule a Skype video call during which we’ll:
– Review your previous assignment, including a trace/paintover and hands-on demos by me
– Discuss the next step in your journey
– Decide on a new assignment for the following week

Each session will run for around an hour, and I’ll be available to respond to your emails or messages anytime between our sessions.

The minimum duration of the program is 4 weeks, costing 250 euros. However, I highly recommend sticking around for at least 2 months (8 weeks) at a total cost of 450 euros, which saves you 50 euros.

If you are not ready to commit yet, no worries! You can check out my weekly art motivation email to get started. It’s completely free!

For questions and applications, shoot me an email at nemo[at]theartofnemo.com or use the form below. I’m looking forward to working with you!

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